For hardware reasons (disk space, CPU performance) there is currently no search facility at the R master webserver itself. However, due to the very active R user community (without which R would not be what it is today) there are other possibilities to search in R web pages and mail archives:

  • allows you to search resources on the R Home Page and on CRAN (e.g., help files, manuals, and package vignettes).
  • Rseek is provided by Sasha Goodman at Stanford University. This engine lets you search several R-related sites and can easily be added to the toolbar of popular browsers.
  • The Nabble R Forum is an innovative search engine for R messages. As it has been misused for spam injection, it is nowadays severely filtered. In addition, its gateway to R-help is sometimes not bidirectional, so we do not recommend it for posting (rather at most for browsing).

Thanks to all of them!

In addition, you can always use the advanced search feature of the Google search engine:


The “R site search” that was provided for many years by Jonathan Baron (at the University of Pennsylvania, United States) has been “retired”.